Steer Your Career

Design your own, bespoke career strategy in our 6-week group programme.

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Do you…

want a more fulfilling career, but find that you’re too busy to work out how to make it happen?

worry that this could be as good as life gets, for the forseeable future?

see other people making the progress that you wish you were making, or enjoying their career in a way that you aren’t?

have ideas for your career, but you’re not sure how to nail them down or make them happen?

Are you worried that you may still be feeling exactly the same way, this time next year?

Take control of your career

Join us, and in just 6 weeks:

You will feel…


unstuck, with your next steps mapped out


clear about your priorities (and the best use of your limited time)


confident in making decisions about your career


excited about your future, and motivated to take action

And you will have…


a better understanding of how you can thrive at work


a clear, achievable 90-day action plan that sets you on the path to achieving your goals


a career development strategy that you will leverage for years to come

hear about the huge difference this course has made

Your course leader

Mike sat down, looking towards you with hands clasped

Hi – I’m Mike…

I believe that we can all live a fulfilling life (whatever that looks like for each of us), and that our careers are a key part of that.

I love collaborating with people – empowering, energising and teaming-up with others has always been at the heart of my career and life. Before training as an ICF accredited coach, I had a career in large corporates such as Experian, Rolls-Royce and EY (I’m an ICAS qualified Chartered Accountant).

Whatever your career and lifestyle aims are, we can work together to make them happen.

“There are any number of coaches offering career guidance, so it can be hard to find just the right one. Mike is one of the good ones — scrap that, he’s one of the great ones. He provides exceptional support, helping you identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and working through the practical steps to move your career forward. I’m grateful to work with him.”

Mireille Maya Kaiser

Global Industry Marketing Manager

Steer your career


6 x 90 minute live group calls


2 x third party profiling assessments: DISC & Motivational Maps


A workbook containing all the exercises, and your thinking, making it easy to refer back to in the future


Learn with a small, friendly group in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere


Walk away with a 90 day action plan, designed by you, to achieve your specific goals

In the 6 week programme we will cover…

1. Goal

We start by getting clear on what you want to achieve in your career, and the kind of lifestyle that you want to have. Each one of us is different, and our goals change over time. We need to be clear what you’re aiming for, otherwise you’re unlikely to get there!

2. Motivation & preferences

Here we’ll use the profiling tools DISC & Motivational Maps to understand the environments where you will (and won’t) thrive, and how to approach working with people who have different preferences and motivations.

3. Uniqueness

This week we’ll be looking at how to focus in on your zone(s) of genius – let’s lean into what makes you unique.

4. Development

Now we’ll begin to craft the route(s) to your goal. It’s an iterative process, and this is when we start working out how to get you to where you want to be.

5. Network & 90 day Plan

Then we’ll look at the difference an effective network can make to seizing (and creating your own) opportunities, and how you can develop yours in an authentic, non-icky way. This leads us into creating the first draft of your 90 day plan – setting achievable, prioritised action steps to move your work-life in the right direction.

6. Mindset

Finally, we’ll think about the things could get in the way of achieving your plan, and the specific habits that will help you succeed.

Any questions – schedule a call

If you’re unsure, you can book a call to talk about whether this course is the right fit for you. The call is free and there is no pressure to buy. I will answer any questions that you have, and you can see if you’d like to work with me. I honestly don’t want you to book on any of my programmes unless they are right for you.

When you click on the button below, you will be taken to my calendar, where you can pick a 30 minute slot that works for you.


What if I can’t make one of the calls?

All the calls will be recorded, so that you can catch up.

Do I need to do anything in addition to the weekly zoom calls?

Thinking mainly. It will make a real difference if you spend some time reflecting after each session. We’ll give you some guidance on what would be beneficial to have considered before the next session. But there’s no ‘homework’ as such, with the exception of  2 things that you do need to do at the beginning of the course:

1. Complete your DISC & Motivational Maps profiling. These take 10-15mins each to complete, and it would be really helpful to spend some time reading your reports before coming to Session 2.

2. Gathering some feedback. It can be helpful to get other people’s views on your strengths (as we’re not always brilliant at recognising our own good qualities), however it’s entirely up to you how much of this you do. You may already have everything you need from the reviews that you do at work, in which case you just need to dig those out. If you don’t, we have a quick and simple questionnaire that you can use to ask for some feedback.

what if I have no idea what i want to do with my career?

If you know you want to make big changes in your career, but have no idea what that might look like, then this course can help you. Understanding how to take control of your career, where your uniqueness lies and the environments in which you’ll thrive, will all help you to make a decision. And when it comes to making your 90-day action plan, you’ll be looking at the next steps you need to take in order to become clearer about what you want.

So, while you’re unlikely to leave this course with ‘the answer’, you’ll be much more confident about the steps you need to take to move yourself towards a more fulfilling career.

If you’re unsure, book a call and we can have a chat about whether the course is right for you.

Is this right for me if I want to give up my job and work for myself?

It could be. This course can help you think through what you want from your work, what you’re good at and the environments that you’ll thrive in. It will also help you to come up with a plan to move you towards your goal. These are all wise things to consider before going to work for yourself. However, there is no ‘how to set up a business’ type content.

If you’d like to chat about whether the course is suitable for you, then book a free 30min call, and we’ll do our best to help. We’re always honest – we only want you on the course if it’s the right place for you to be.

do i have to be looking to make drastic changes?

No, not at all. A deeper understanding of yourself, your goals and how to steer your career can help everyone. We’re also big believers that small changes can make big differences. This course could help you to make the  adjustments you need to feel happier in your current role.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes – there is an option to pay in 2 instalments

I have a question that hasn't been answered here

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